Gather Attributes (features)

The Gather Attributes module enables interactive AVA and AVO analysis of gathers and stacks, from calculating intercept and gradient to AVA stack rotations (EEI equivalent).

Processes Included
Angle Gathers
Frequency-Domain Radon
Structurally-Oriented Filter (SOF)
Angle Mute
Frequency Split Simple Structured Model
Angle Stacks
Spectral Shaping
Anisotropic Model Conversion Header Maths
Assign Header Values
Header & Trace Interpolation
True-Amplitude Frequency Equalisation (TAFE)
Attribute Maps
Header Sequence Builder
Simple Mute
Attribute Maps Stack
Hi-Res Radon Transform
Tau-P Mute
K Filter
Semblance (Velocity)
Automatic Gain (AGC)
LF Model (Ghost Horizon Inverse Distance)
RMO Picking
Band-pass Filter
LF Model (Simple Kriging)
Time-Frequency Denoise (TFDN)
Cadzow Filter
Linear Noise Removal
Trace Chooser
Composite QC
Local Trace Alignment
Trace Mix
Trace Padding
Cross Correlation
Minimum Phase
Trace Shift
Cross Correlation 2D
Mute Gathers
Trim Statics
Create Gathers
NaN Removal
V0 from Delta and Isotropic Depth Mig Velocities
Normal Moveout Correction (NMO)
Velocity Model (From Well Checkshots)
Delta Model
Partial Stacking
Velocity No-Decrease
Picked Function Model
Velocity Picking
Detect Mute
Plane Wave Dip Filter
Velocity Re-Datum
Dip Azimuth
Polygon Mute
Volume CRS Conversion
Dip Field
Posting Convention Conversion Volume Derivative
Dip Filter
Q Conversion
Volume Integration
Enhance Flat
Q Estimation
Volume Sculpting
F-K Transform
Q Filter
Volume Sort (Records)
F-X Deconvolution
Restore Mute
Wavelet Transform
F-X Transform
RMO Correction
Zero Phase 
AVA Stack Rotation
AVO Polynomial Fit
Intercept and Gradient
Local Trace Alignment

Note: For details on Insight processes and how they work, see (Insight Processes overview page)

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