Using the Well Components Table

A well components table displays the following information about the selected wells:

  • Paths
  • T/D Pairs
  • Markers
  • Curves

Displaying and exporting a well components table

  1. In the Well Info Summary table, click the row number to select the wells.
    • Hold CTRL key and click to select multiple different wells; or
    • Hold SHIFT key and click the start and the end row to select concurrent wells.
  2. In the Well Components section, click the Display well components table check box.
  3. Select the well components to be displayed.
  4. Only the selected well(s) components will be displayed in the table.
  5. Click List unique markers set to list unique sets for each well in the table.
  6. Select Additional well identifiers to be displayed in the well component table.
    • Well Name
    • UWI
    • Custom Name
    • Well Number
    • Custom Name
    • Folder
    • Notes
  7. Click Export Table to save the table as a tab-separated value (TSV) file.

Managing well components

You can change, delete, and rename well components using the well components table.

  • To rename an item, double-click and edit it.
  • To change a default configuration, right-click an item, and select either the Set default or Unset default options.
  • To delete, right-click and select the Delete option.

Bulk update well components

You can select multiple well components for bulk deletion, assigning and unassigning the default sets. For example, you can select multiple wells and activate the lithostrat marker set in each well.


  1. Highlight multiple wells at the top of the well manager (rows). Alternatively, click the box at the top-left corner of the table to highlight all wells.
  2. Select the Markers option.
  3. Click the List unique marker set option to simplify the list.
  4. Either sort the marker set by name or apply a text filter in the box to see the marker set names grouped.
  5. Highlight (cells) all the marker sets of interest (such as lithostrat) and select Set default of n markers sets to change the default setting to y

Note: Only select the items on the Default column. The option to Set default markers sets is not available on the right-click context menu if items from multiple rows are selected. 

  1. Boxes highlighted in green to define a change has been applied.
  2. Click Save Changes to update the project.