Selecting Files (3D SEG-Y)

At this stage, you can select the 3D SEG-Y files that you want to import to Insight's DUGIO format. The files you select should be from the same data type, i.e. "near stack", "migrated gathers" or "interval velocity". Each time you use the SEG-Y Loader, it is designed to load one data type. Hence, you can load multiple files at the same time as long as the files are all different parts of the same volume (a single data type). If you have multiple data types, you will need to run the SEG-Y Loader for every different data type.

In addition to the above requirement, each time you run the SEG-Y Loader, all the files you select for import should also have identical sample intervals and trace lengths.

Select 3D SEG-Y files for import

Select 3D SEG-Y files for import
  • Add Files — Click this and select the files that you want to load. A list of all the files you have selected will be displayed. You can add more files by clicking Add Files.
  • Remove Selected — Click to delete the selected files from the list of files you want to load.
  • Remove All — Click to remove all the 3D SEG-Y files in the list.

Click Next when you have added all the files you wish to import.

Genuine offer of assistance

DUG understands that importing SEG-Y data can be a confusing task.

Whether you are using a trial version or a fully-paid licence, we will help you to import your data to Insight so that you will get the maximum out of your data.

For more information, contact support at [email protected].