Curve Display Settings

Value Axis

Multiple curves per track
  1. Choose how to set the axis range.
    • Use range from Class Settings: use the range set in the curve class
    • Define range: set a specific range
  2. Show in header: Enable to show range values in the track header.
  3. Set the Axis type:
    • Linear
    • Log
    • Octave
  4. Auto: Enable to automatically set the range from the curve values
  5. Flip range: Switch the minimum and maximum values.

Line and Fill

Multiple curves per track

In Line/Fill, you can adjust the colour and thickness of the curve line.

  1. Choose to use the View Settings from Class Settings or Define View Settings. There are 3 rendering types available:
    • Line:  Draw curves as lines; do not fill.
    • Filled (default): Draw curves as lines and fill using the settings.
    • Whole Track: Fill the full track width, values are represented by colour.
  1. Fill Direction: Choose the direction to fill the curve:
    • Fill from left
    • Fill from right
    • Symmetric fill (see point 5 below)
    • Custom threshold
  1. Choose the Fill style in the Fill dropdown menu:
    • Solid colour: use a single colour.
    • Above/Below: fill the curve with one colour above and another colour below the threshold value.
    • Colour bar: fill the curve using a colourbar
  1. # of copies: Display repeated copies of a curve, side-by-side.
  2. Points: Enable to display points at the curve values and choose the colour and size for display.