Ghost (Horizon)

Use the Ghost operation to copy a horizon shifted by a specified time or depth.

Note: The Ghost button is disabled if the input horizon is waiting for another operation (such as propagation). Insight notifies you to complete the previous operation before continuing.

Where is the Ghost operation

Create a ghost horizon
  1. Open the Map View.
  2. Expand the left panel and open the Operations tab.
  3. At Operation, select Ghost.

Tip: Click the Help icon to read more information about this operation.

Configuring Ghost (bulk shift)

Create a ghost horizon
  1. In the navigation bar, select the horizon to duplicate.
  2. Enter an Amount of time (or depth) to add to the original horizon.
    • Positive value places the ghost horizon below.
    • Negative value places the ghost horizon above.
  3. Click Ghost.

Completing the operation

 After running the operation:

  • Click Discard to cancel this calculation and delete the results.
  • Click Replace this horizon to save this horizon containing the extracted values and replace the previous one.
  • Click Save as New Horizon to create a new horizon.

Note: By default, the new horizon will be named: “horizon_name (ghosting amount and domain)”.  For example, the operation above will yield a new horizon called "Sample Horizon (-500 ms TWT)". To rename the horizon, see Horizon Details and Configuration.