Import Formats (Horizon)

Note: For a full list of Horizon file formats accepted by Insight, see Formats accepted by Insight for import and export.

X/Y horizon

For horizons in the X/Y coordinate space, Insight can import standard GeoQuest or CPS-3 formatted horizons.

  • .xy = Easting/Northing
  • .xyt = Easting/Northing/TWT
  • .xyz = Easting/Northing/TVDSS
  • .xya = Easting/Northing/Attribute (e.g. Amplitude)

Most software can export horizons in these formats. Each horizon must be stored in a separate file.

IL/CL horizon

Insight requires a simple two/three-column text file to load a horizon in the IL/CL coordinate space. Each line is based on the following format:

  • .ilcl = Inline/Crossline
  • .ilclt = Inline/Crossline/Time
  • .ilclz = Inline/Crossline/Depth

Comment lines begin with a hash (#) character. For example:

# subgrid=il:1272-3492[10]+cl:1320-3520[10]
# vertical_dimension=time
    1272     1320   3005.008
    1272     1330   3005.050
    1272     1340   3005.117
    1272     1350   3005.179
    1272     1360   3005.238
    1272     1370   3005.294
    1272     1380   3005.378
    1272     1390   3011.869
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Note: The comments defining the grid and vertical dimension above the columns are not required.

Horizon text file importer

Insight also allows you to import a horizon which is saved in a text file (.dat or .txt extension) using the text importer. For example, horizons saved in the GeoQuest Card Image 7 format.

For more information, see Using the Horizon Text Importer.