Bulk Exporting Snapshots

DUG Insight supports exporting screenshots of multiple products within a selection group for the same view in a single click. This feature is currently supported in IL/CL, 3D Gather, 2D Gather, 2D Line, Arbline, 2D Land, and Map Views.

  1. In the View tab, click on the desired snapshot.
  2. Under Bulk image export,
    • Selection group: Choose a selection group to determine what volumes and display groups are captured as images.
    • Include axes in image: Choose this option to include the data area and the corresponding axes.
    • Include navigation bar in image: Choose this option to include the navigation bar that displays the selection and location information.
    • Export folder: Select a folder where to save the images.
  3. Click Export Images.

Insight generates a screenshot for each volume or display group in the selection group and saves them in the selected folder. The exported files will be named <ViewName>_<VolumeName>.png. 

An overwrite existing file prompt will pop up if an image of the same name already exists in the selected folder.

Note: You may continue working during the image export process. Any changes you make during the export may be reflected in the images if they affect the displayed data used for the export.  Examples include turning on horizons, changing a volume's class, etc.