Running Insight on macOS

DUG Insight for Mac OS X is a standard disk image (dmg) which is fully self-contained. You can install it to any location and have multiple versions installed side-by-side.

Note: While it is possible to set up your Mac to read and write to an NTFS file system using third-party applications, you should use caution and we recommend backing up your data first. For more information on drive formats and operating system compatibility, please seek advice from your IT department.

Installation on macOS

  1. Download the macOS (.dmg) installer from
  2. Open the disk image (double-click)
  3. Drag the Insight Icon to the Applications folder.

Running Insight

  1. Double-click the icon to launch Insight.

Security Preferences Warning

The first time you run Insight after an installation, you may encounter this warning.

  1. Click OK to continue.
  2. In the Applications folder, hold CTRL and click the DUG Insight icon.
  1. Select Open.


  1. The warning message will appear again, with a new option to Open the application.
  2. Click Open to run DUG Insight.

Note: These steps are only required when running Insight for the first time after installing a new version.