Importing a Survey

Survey text files that were created in an older version of Insight, exported from another project or created by hand can be imported into the database.

A survey file can also be imported to redefine a survey's coordinates. Coordinate Reference System conversion can be performed if the survey information is in a different CRS from the Project.

For examples of survey definition text files, see Survey File Examples.

Import a survey file

Import a survey file
  1. In the Control Panel, select the Import menu.
  2. Click Surveys and the Import Survey File window will be displayed.
  3. Select the survey file(s) to import and click Open. They will be added to the project database and the current session.

View imported survey text file

View imported survey text file

You can view the text file of any imported surveys.

  1. In the Control Panel, open the Survey tab.
  2. Double-click the survey that you imported to the project.
  3. Alternatively, right-click the survey and click Configure 'Survey'. The Configure 'Survey' window will be displayed.
  4. At Imported File, click on the File icon on the right to view the text file. The following is an example of a survey text file:
  1. To close the window, click on the [x] close button at the top right corner of the window or press Esc on your keyboard.