Crossplots (Overview)

Crossplots display the relationship between two datasets via colour coded scatter plots.

Crossplots are listed in the Control Panel/Crossplot tab as well as in the View menu under Crossplots. To show the crossplot window, double-click a crossplot in the tree or right-click and select Open crossplot window.

If you have a rock physics litho-fluid model created using DUG Rock or provided by DUG, you can identify areas corresponding to lithology and fluid probability distribution functions (PDFs).

Crossplots require at least two data sets. Supported data types include: volumes, horizons, well curves and vertical dimensions (time/depth).

Creating a crossplot

Create a crossplot
  1. In the Control Panel, open the Crossplot tab.
  2. At the tab header, click the blue “+” icon.
  3. Click New crossplot. A new crossplot window will be displayed.

Status bar

The crossplot cursor is linked to other Insight views. When moving the cursor in another view, the crossplot cursor moves to the corresponding value (if the corresponding value is inside the crossplot domain).

The crossplot cursor provides additional information in the status bar.

  • Binned Crossplots
    • Bin H/V: The horizontal and vertical centre of the current bin
    • Value: The number of points in the bni
  • Point-by-point crossplot:
    • H/V: The horizontal and vertical value
  • Polygon:
    • The name of crossplot polygons that include this point