Polygon Operations

Using polygon operations, multiple polygons can be combined to create new shapes. 


Note: Create polygon options are only available if the selected polygons are on the same plane (map slice, horizon, section or gather). Also see Creating Polygons from Horizons.

Split shape into polygons

If a polygon is constructed from multiple shapes, they can be divided into separate polygons. The new polygons are stored in a new folder.

  1. In the Control Panel / Polygon tab, right click a polygon.
  2. Choose Split shapes into polygons.
  3. A dialog is shown to name the destination folder:
  1. Enter a name for the folder.
  2. Click OK.
    • A folder is created containing a polygon for each of the shapes.

Create polygon from...

The Create Polygon From... options are available when more than one polygon is selected in the Control Panel / Polygons tab and the selected polygons share the same Z domain value.

  1. In the Control Panel, open the Polygon tab.
  2. Hold Ctrl/Shift and select the polygons to combine.
  3. Right click and select Create Polygon from...
  4. Choose the operation to perform.
  1. Type a name for the polygon and click OK.
  2. For Expand/Contract polygon:
    • Type a name for the polygon.
    • Select to Expand / Contract by.
    • Type the constant distance - unit aware value (based on display unit under preference).
  3. Click the newly created polygon to edit the settings.

Create Polygon From... Operations


  • Reduces the number of nodes in the selected polygon.
  • In the Simplify Polygon window, type a name and set the Max Error value.
    • Max Error: The maximum perpendicular distance (in polygon co-ordinate units) between the simplified polygon and the original. In the diagram below, the point is removed if d < Max Error.

All Shapes

  • All shapes included in the selected polygons are added to a new polygon.
  • Only one copy of duplicate shapes is included in the result.
  • The resulting polygon will contain multiple shapes, at least one per select polygon.

Union of Shapes

  • The area from all shapes in the selected polygons are merged into a new polygon.
  • The resulting polygon will contain one shape for each contiguous region.

Intersection of Shapes

  • A polygon is created from the area covered by all the shapes in the selected polygons.
    • i.e. the area where all selected shapes overlap

Difference of shapes from ‘<<polygon name>>’

Note: The first polygon is the top-most polygon using the order in the Polygon tab. It is NOT the first polygon selected.

  • Take the area in the first polygon
  • Subtract the area in each subsequent polygon from the first.
  • Create a new polygon from the result.

Exclusion of shapes

  • Find the non-overlapping (or unique) areas from all the shapes in the selected polygons.
    • i.e. Create a polygon from the area that is covered by only one shape.

Note: Insight will not create polygons which generate shapes with holes inside. Shapes with holes are not supported.

Expand / Contract

  • Area of the selected polygon(s) is expanded or contracted according to the entered constant distance.

Example of using multi-shape polygons

A multi shaped polygon can be used as one input in any horizon operations in Map View i.e. Erase.