Using the Arbline SD View

Once you have drawn an arbline in the Map View and have a spectral decomposition volume, you can view the volume along the arbline using the Arbline SD View.

Display the Arbline SD View

Display the Arbline SD View
  1. Create an arbline in the Map View (see Creating an Arbline).
  2. Perform the Spectral Decomposition process (see Spectral Decomposition).
  3. In the Control Panel, go to the View menu and open the Arbline SD View. This menu option will only be available once you have created an arbline and generated a spectral decomposition volume.
  4. At the navigation bar of the Arbline SD View, at Arbline, select the arbline that you want to see the flat projection of the volumes.
  5. Select the volume that you want to view along the selected arbline at Vol.
  6. Select the 2D/3D spectral decomposition volume at Freq Volume to display the frequency volume at the bottom panel of the view.