Adding data intersections in Map View

Display marker, horizon or constant (MDKB/TWT/TVDSS) value intersections with any well directly in Map View.  Useful for showing horizon/marker misties or finding the exact marker location to begin interpretation.

  1. In the Control Panel, open the Well tab.
  2. Select the well.
  3. In the selected well panel, click the double-arrow icon to show the Map Settings.
  1. At the Intersection panel, Intersections size: Set the size of the intersection on display.
    • Label size: Set the font size of the information shown.
    • Position: Set the relative position of the intersection shape, label and properties. Position controls annotation label and property display for all listed annotations.
    • Property: Click the blue (+) icon to add or red (x) to remove an intersection property.
  1. At Annotation section, click the blue (+) icon to add or red (x) to remove.
  2. Dotted area on the left: Adjust order of the annotation in the list.
  3. Intersection type:
    • Map Slice
    • Marker: Select the marker from this well to display.
    • Horizon: Select available horizons that intersect with the well path.
    • Constant (MDKB/TWT/TVDSS): Type a constant value in the selected time domain.
  1. Colour: Click and select the preferred colour for the shape.
  2. Intersection/Label/Property: Enable/disable the preferred information to show on the Map view.
  3. Position: Select the position of the label for each/all the intersection annotation.

Note: A warning note will appear if the selected marker does not intersect with the well path.