Exporting Bulk Well Data

In addition to exporting traces, checkshots, deviations and markers individually, well data can be bulk exported to OWX or DUGOWX.

  1. In the Control Panel, open the Well tab.
  2. Select a well or multiple wells to export.
  3. Right-click the selected well(s).
  4. Click Export and select All data (OWX format) or All data (DUGOWX format).

Note: DUGOWX includes additional information such as water depth and ground level and characters such as ø, ², and ₘ which are not supported in OWX.

  1. Browse the directory to save the well data.
  2. Type a file name followed by the .owx or .asc extension for OWX format and .dugowx for DUGOWX
  3. Click Save. A pop-up window will appear to tell you that the export has been successful.