Adding Volumes (to session)

Once volumes have been included in a project, use the Add icon in the Volume tab to include them in your session.

See (Importing Volumes) for how to add existing .dugio volumes to your project. The SEG-Y importer automatically adds volumes to a project when loading.

Add volumes

Add volumes to session
  1. In the Control Panel, open the Volume tab.
  2. Click the Add icon at the top right and select Load volumes already in the project... 
  3. The Add volumes to Session window will appear.
  1. Select one or more volumes, then click Add to Session.
  2. Text filter section
    • Search by Name, Owner, Notes or File Path
    • Enter search text in the field
    • Use the special character '%' as a wildcard, see Filtering search items.
  3. Volumes list
    • The volumes that match the search filters
  4. Notes area
    • The stored notes for the currently selected volume
  5. Type filter section
    • If no options are enabled, all volumes are displayed.
    • Only shared items: Only show volumes marked as Shared
    • 2D: Show 2D volumes
    • 3D: Show 3D volumes
    • On Disk: Show .dugio volumes
    • Processes: Show on-the-fly, interactive volumes (process results)
  6. Actions area
    • Add to Session: add the selected volume(s) to the session
    • Delete from project: delete the selected volume(s) from the project (after confirmation)

Distinguish on-disk volumes from process output

Distinguish on-disk volumes from process output

Volumes generated from processes appear in italics in the search window. On-disk volumes are not italicised.

When process result (interactive) volumes are added to the session, Insight automatically adds all the processes and inputs required to create the volume. This can include any other Insight products such as processes, horizons, wells.