Adding Seismic or Gather Tracks

Seismic and gather tracks display data along the wellbore or near the well location. Seismic/gather tracks act as containers for other tracks, such as axis tracks and well curve tracks.

Seismic tracks can display any type of volume.  If gathers (4D) are selected, only one plane can be chosen, e.g. display an offset plane from offset gathers, or a frequency slice from spectral decomposition.

Gather tracks can only display gather (4D) volumes.

Adding Seismic or Gather Tracks

Add seismic
  1. In the Tracks tab, click the blue "+" icon.
  2. Choose Add Seismic Track or Add Gather Track.

Select a seismic or gather track in the tree to show the details and settings panels.

Appearance settings

Appearance settings apply to the entire track.

  1. Title: A title (optionally) displayed in the track header
    • Hide or show the title using the Show in header checkbox
  2. Track width: The width of the track in pixels
  3. Background: The background colour for the track

Section settings warnings (Seismic and Gather tracks)

The volumes available for display depend on the current domain. A warning is shown to explain the choices available for the selected domain.

  • Current domain is MDKB. Choose TWT or TVDSS to select volumes for display.
    • MDKB is only relevant for well views. Volumes cannot be displayed in MDKB.
  • Time/Depth conversion is not configured. Listed volumes are limited to the current domain.
    • With no velocity model configured for time depth conversion, available volumes are limited TVD or TWT (matching the current view domain)
  • Volumes are converted to time using the configured Time/Depth Conversion settings.
  • Volumes are converted to depth using the configured Time/Depth Conversion settings.
    • Time/depth conversion is configured and will be used to convert volumes to the appropriate domain.

Section settings (Seismic track)

Section settings (seismic) control the displayed seismic section.

  1. Select the volume to display in the track.
  2. Section type: Choose the data to show
    • Arbline along path: display a section following the well trajectory
    • Nearest IL: display the nearest inline
    • Nearest CL: display the nearest crossline
    • Nearest 2D line: display the nearest 2D line
  3. Minimum width: This sets the minimum length of the displayed section.
    • For deviated wells, the projected well path defines the length of the displayed section.
    • For straight-hole or minimally deviated wells, the minimum width is used.
  4. Padding: This distance is added to the left and right edge of the section.

Section settings (Gather track)

Section settings (gather) control which gather is displayed.

  1. Select the gather volume to display in the track
  2. Display the gather nearest to the selected Gather location.
    • At the well top: The first location from the well path
    • At well TD: The last location from the well path
    • At a marker: A selected well marker
    • At a horizon: Where the well intersects a horizon (or constant value)
    • At a depth: At a measured depth along the well path

Display Settings

Display settings control annotations and other features of the track.

  • Show well: Display the well, tracks and well path
  • Show other wells: (Seismic) Display nearby wells
  • Projection distance(m): (Seismic) How far to search for nearby wells
  • Show name: Display the well name
  • Show distance: (Seismic) Include the distance to the well
  • Show path: Display the well path (with colour and size)
  • Show intersection: Display intersections between the section and well (with colour and size)
  • Marker Line Overrun: Extend markers outside the well track
  • Scale bar: (Seismic) Display a scale bar and set the placement
  • Volume / Well Curves Colourbar: Display colour bars and set the placement, size and background colour.

Marker settings

  • Well markers: Display markers at well tops (well markers)
  • Horizon markers: Display markers at horizons
  • Show marker lines: Display lines at well/horizon markers
  • Show names: Display names at well/horizon markers
  • On top: Display well/horizon markers on top of the track.

Cursor Values in Seismic and Gather Tracks

In well views, values are shown from the mouse cursor location in the footer of the seismic and/or gathers track.

When the cursor is over a well or displayed well track, amplitudes are extracted at the well location. A value is shown for each curve displayed, including the background volume. Values at the well have the “(Well)” prefix.

When the cursor is not over a well, the amplitudes are extracted from volume at the exact cursor location.