Configuring Lithofluid Probability Tracks

In the Lid Prob tab of the Predict window, you can configure and display the tracks for lithofluid probabilities.

  1. Click the Add Row icon (+) to add one or more lithofluid probability tracks.
  2. At Title, type a name for the track. The title will be displayed above the track.
  3. Select the Input curve for the track. Available options include:
    • Well Logs Raw —  raw well curves at log resolution
    • Well Elastic Logs Upscale — well curves filtered to the high-cut frequency
    • Well Logs Low Freq — well curves filtered to the low-frequency to notch frequency band
    • Low Freq Inputs — user specified low-frequency volume set
    • Absolute Volume — user specified absolute volumes
  4. At Lid Prob Process, select the LithoFluid Probability process created in the Process tab (see LithoFluid Probability) to use when calculating probabilities.
  5. Select the type of Plot from the following:
    • Prob — probabilty for each Lithofluid
    • Max — lithofluid with maximum likelihood
    • MaxOS — lithofluid with maximum likelihood and intensity based on probability
    • Priors — display the prior model from the selected process (see Create a Prior Model)
  6. Specify the track width (in pixels) in the adjacent box. A zero value (0) means autofit.
  7. To hide the curve track, click the green circle to the left of the Title column. The green circle will turn amber.
  8. Select the Use Well's Water Bottom check box to use the water bottom of the selected well.

See the following image for examples of the corresponding lithofluid probability tracks.

1 - PR Well Raw

Lithofluid probability calculated using raw well curves.

2 - PR Well LF

Lithofluid probability calculated using low frequency filtered well curves.

3 - Pr LF Model

Lithofluid probability calculated using a user specified low frequency model.

4 - PR Well

Lithofluid probability calculated using well curves upscaled to the seismic bandwidth (see Applying Filters and Including Result Curves).

5 - Max Well

Maximum likelihood lithofluid calculated using upscaled well curves.

6 - MaxOS Well

Maximum likelihood lithofluid (with intensity) calculated using upscaled well curves.

7 - Pr Vol

Maximum likelihood lithofluid calculated using user specified absolute volumes.

8 - Priors

Lithofluid prior probabilities being used by the selected lithofluid probability process.