Adding data to Spectral Analysis

The Spectral Analysis window generates frequency vs. amplitude spectra for 2D, 3D, gather and wavelet data.

Note: The Spectra Analysis tool does NOT operate on depth volumes. Convert depth data to time before analysis using Volume Resampling.

To add data for spectra analysis:

  • Drag and drop
    • From tabs in the Control Panel, drag volumes or wavelets into the Spectra Viewer panel.
  • Right-click menu: “Send to Spectra Analyser”
    • In the Control Panel tab, right-click on a volume or wavelet and select “Send to Spectra Analyser”.
    • The option is only available for data in the time-domain.

The data for analysis is included in the Spectral Analysis tree.

Note: Because a wavelet product can contain several wavelets, wavelets are shown as folders.