Track Options

The view extents and curve display options can also be interactively set with the mouse.

The view extents on on any track can be set either with the mouse or by typing specific values.

  • Interactive view setting
    • Right-click, hold, and drag - select the vertical view range.
    • Right-click, Zoom to fit - extends the min/max depths to the previously set Display Window (global or well local)
    • Mouse wheel up - zooms in; mouse wheel down - zooms out
    • Left-click, hold, and drag - moves the entire track up or down (if not already zoomed to maximum extents)
  • Manual view setting
    • The overall Display limits are set via global or well Display Window in the tabs on the left.
    • To set specific values, right-click on a track and select Configure track; or see the Tracks section in the View tab.

Curve view options

Right-click on a track and select Configure Track to choose all view options for a given track Title, Range and Domain (linear/log), Depth range, Width, Legend, Grid Lines, and all Curve options.

The advantage of using the per-track configure dialog is that it shows only the curves and controls relevant to this track, simplifying the display as shown in Figure 39.

Curve view options