Module Startup and Well Settings

Starting the module

The PPP well calibration module opens under the View tab of the Insight Control Panel. The 1D well calibration workflow (and the bulk of this chapter) follows the sequence of the PPP module tabs.

Starting the module

Tabs in Pore Pressure Prediction View

The PPP view has tabs for settings and parameters, with a selection of display tracks.

Well Settings
  • Display window - depth extents overrides
  • Curve Data - Wireline input log selection
  • NCTL methods - to calculate Normal Compaction Trend Lines
  • Eaton/Miller parameters - smoothing (logged shale) and exponent/depth/velocity overrides
  • Fracture gradient - pore: overburden pressure ration
  • Pressure curves - overlay optional calculated pressures
  • Density settings - for air, water, and power law burial function
  • Extrapolation options - to the surface
Pore Pressure
  • Well curves - prefix apply to generated curves in database
  • Eaton - global parameters for the OSCTL (Observed Shale Compaction Trend Line)
  • Miller - global parameters for the mud-line and shale matrix sonic velocity
  • Velocity model - the volume from which PPG is calculated away from wells
  • Export - options for LAS file generation of pore pressure
  • Depths - model centroid and buoyancy effects or up to 3 fluid phases
Calibration Points
  • Groups - for plotting information at the well, such measured pressure from MDTs, casing points, or other text annotations
  • Display settings - windows, annotation, units, axes/grid dimensions
  • Tracks and curves - toggle on/off, set clips, widths, colour, styles