Crossplot highlights in Well Views

Create a crossplot highlight polygon

  1. Use an existing well crossplot or create a new one.
  2. In the Crossplot window, select the Polygons tab.
  3. Click the blue “+” icon to create a polygon instance.
  4. Type a name and choose the polygon colour.
    • The selected polygon colour is used as the highlight colour in Well views.
  5. Click the pencil icon and draw a polygon in the crossplot section.
  6. Enable Hilite for the drawn polygon.

Enable crossplot highlights in the view

  1. In the Well View (Single Well or Well Correlation), select the well to display.
  2. Open the Tracks tab
  3. Select a curve track.
  4. In the Markers section, enable Show crossplot highlights.
  5. Points in the crossplot polygons will be highlighted at their respective depths in the tracks panel.