Displaying Header Graphs (on sections)

The headers graph displays trace headers and other information in a graph above a section view. Values from selected headers are also included in the information bar at the bottom of the view.

  1. Open a section view (IL/CL, 2D Line, Arbline Views).
  2. To show the Headers Graph, right click and select Display Settings > Headers Graph.
  3. To configure the Headers Graph, right click and select Display Settings > Configure.
  1. Select the Headers tab and click Show headers graph checkbox.
  2. Enter a title and choose a font size to customise the header graph.
  3. Select Use Long Header Names in Labels to show the full trace header name.

Values from trace headers can be displayed in three locations:

  1. Plotted in the header graph as a line or points.
  2. In the section window, over the displayed data.
  3. In the horizontal axis of the view.

To add headers to the display:

  1. Click the blue "+" icon to add a header row.
  2. Change the order by dragging the dots on the left.
  3. Show or hide the header using the green/amber light.
  4. Choose the header to display.
  5. Type a unique name or use the default header name.
  6. Select a colour and size/thickness.
  7. Display as points or a connected line.
  8. Show the values in the top graph, over the section, or in the axis.
  9. Remove a trace header by clicking the red “X”.



Tip: If there are more than 1 volume, use the autoscale function to scale the axis value of one volume header to the other. Right-click on the header section and set autoscale.