Highlighting geobodies (from crossplots)

Create geobodies and highlights in section and 3D views by selecting points with polygons in the crossplot domain.

  1. Open an existing crossplot or create a new crossplot.
  2. Expand the Polygons tab.
  3. Click the blue "+" icon to add a polygon.
    • Name: Enter the polygon name
    • Colour: Set the colour
    • Ellipse: Enable to show the polygon in the crossplot
    • Hilite: Enable to highlight corresponding points from the volumes in section views (as geobodies)
    • Pencil icon: Click to start or stop editing the polygon
    • Volume: The gross rock volume of the highlighted areas (with highlight enabled)
    • Export Volume: Export the geobodies as volumes (see Exporting volumes).
    • Export crossplot data: Export crossplotted polygon points as a .tsv text file. (with or without source coordinates).
    • Red "x": Delete this polygon.
  4. To create/edit polygon points:
    • Click the Pencil to start picking.
    • Click in the Crossplot area to place points and define the polygon.
    • Right-click on an existing point to remove.
    • Click on existing point to move.
    • Right-click or click the Pencil to stop picking.
  5. Adjust the display style of the polygon in the View tab (see Crossplot View Settings).
  6. Click the traffic light icons at the bottom to show/hide all.

Note: Body detection areas and highlights are updated on-the-fly with changes to the polygons.