About the Control Panel

The primary window of Insight is called the Control Panel, where you can load and manage data, open new windows, work with sessions, adjust settings, and more. 

Control Panel tabs contain all the items loaded in the current session. See Project vs Session to learn more about sessions and projects in Insight.

For more information on the various tasks you can perform within the Control Panel, see:

For useful shortcut keys, see Control Panel Shortcuts.

Tip: Press the Spacebar to display the Control Panel. This feature allows you to instantly display the Control Panel from whatever Insight view or window is currently active. For more convenient hotkeys, see the Hotkey Menu.

Overview of the Control Panel

Overview of the Control Panel

The Control Panel includes the menu bar at the very top of the Insight window and separate tabs for each type of item at the left-hand side of Insight. 

Hide Module Tab

A tab can be hidden by right-clicking the tab and selecting Hide "X". Alternatively, click Manage tab visibility to display the Preferences window, and select or unselect the desired tabs from the Tabs tab.

Module Tab

Each tab contains: 

  • One or more objects of each type
  • Folders for organisation

Folders are available to organise and manage items. Drag and drop items to move them into folders. Collapse/expand folders to simplify the display. 

Details Panel

If an item is selected, the Details Panel shows information and options for the item.

Context Menu

Right-click an item to show context menus with additional functions and operations.