Volume Display Settings

The Volume Details Panel includes settings which affect the display. Additional settings are controlled by the selected class for the volume.

Show the volume details panel by selecting the volume in the Volume tab of the Control Panel.

Displaying as density and/or wiggles

Show density and wiggle for volume


Enable Density to display the volume as variable density or colour filled based on amplitude. Colours are determined from the colourbar chosen in the Class.

The following hotkeys are available:

  • F5: Reduce the clipping range making the image "hotter"
  • F6: Increase the clipping range making the image "cooler"
  • F4: Reset the range to its default settings
  • F7: Change colours to the next default colourbar (Shift-F7 use the previous)


Select the Wiggle check box to display traditional wiggles in the section views. The settings for wiggles display are adjustable in the Class setting (see Defining Wiggle Settings).

Tip: Enable the Density and Wiggle together to overlay wiggles on a filled display.

Displayed data value range

Override min and max from class settings

In most cases, use the class settings to set the minimum to maximum value range - the “clip” values.

To override the minimum / maximum values, disable the “From class” box. This is useful to display two volumes with the same class with different amplitude ranges.

When loading volumes, Insight estimates the value range of the data. If the estimate is different from the class range, the range is overridden using this setting.

Note: If the class is symmetric, the Min field is disabled. It is automatically set to the negative Max value.

Gather volume settings

Gather volume display settings

For gather volumes, choose the Gather Header to use.

View Shortcuts

Click the button to open the volume in a new section view.