Firewall Configuration

Insight's licensing is performed using the same communications and connections as web browsers and is rarely affected.

If there is an issue when registering a licence token or using a floating licence, please check with your IT administrator and make sure that DUG's license server is not blocked by a firewall. Organisations use firewalls to manage access to external networks and sometimes changes to specific policies are required.

 If this is the case, please add an exception for the following connection to the firewall rules:


Port: 80 or 8080


Problem reports and logs

Problem reports are collected by Insight to inform us of problems or to provide diagnostics.They can be automatically generated by Insight or by user request.

A confirmation dialog is presented to the user before transmitting any information.

The reports include the program logs, some environment details, a java stack trace (including the program threads) and in some cases, session information. The session information is limited to the names of objects and parameter settings, but no end user data. We don't collect core files or other memory dumps.


The reports are sent securely via http-post to:


More Information

If you need to configure a proxy to access the web, see Configuring Proxy Settings.