About the Well Manager

The Well Manager provides tabled data of well information and components from a selected project to view, edit, and export.

Running the Well Manager

The Well Manager can be run using one of the following options:

From the Tool menu

  1. In the Control Panel, open the Tool menu.
  2. Click Well Manager.

From the Well tab

  1. In the Control Panel, open the Well tab.
  2. At the tab header, click the Well Manager button.

From Data Manager

  1. Launch the Data Manager (see Launching the Data Manager).
  2. In the Data Manager window, click Well Manager Tool.

Note: The project selected in the DUG Insight Launcher will be the project used for the Well Manager

Well Manager Interface

  1. Search Options: Specify the preferred values to search for wells. Click the Search Wells button to display results in the Well Info Summary table and the Well Components table. For more information, refer to Searching for Wells.

Note: Click the blue (+) / red (x) button to add/remove search options.

  1. Display well components table: Select to display well components as a table below the summary table. Select wells from the Well Info Summary table to display the data in the well components table.
  2. Additional well identifiers: Select additional well identifiers to be displayed in the well component table.
  3. Additional well info: Click to select additional well info to be displayed in the Well Info Summary table.
  4. Well Info Summary table: Display the summary information of all the wells in the project. Refer to Using the Well Info Summary Table for more information.
  5. Display Units: Options to select the unit type used for the table.
  6. Well information column header: Click to sort the table according to that column (ascending/descending).
  7. Quick search / item filter: Enter the text values to filter according to that specific column.
  8. Number of wells selected in the table and total number of wells in the project.
  9. Export Table: Click to export information to a tab-separated value (TSV) file.
  10. Right-click on a well data to display the context menu.

Note: Refer to Editing Labels in Well Manager for information on labelling.

  1. Undo/Redo button: Click to undo/redo any changes in the info summary table.
  2. Save Changes: Save changes made to the table.
  3. Well Components table: Shows the selected well components of the wells highlighted in the Well Summary Info table above. Refer to Using the Well Components Table for more information.
  4. Select all box: Click the top left corner of the table to select all items.