Generating T-D Pairs from another well

This process copies time-depth pairs from another well.

  1. From the Tool menu, open Synthetics.
  2. Select the Current Well.
  3. Right click on the checkshot track and select Create/Resample Time-Depth Survey.
  1. Tick the Create New Time-Depth Survey option to create a new survey. Otherwise the active time-depth survey in the well will be overwritten with the newly created one.  
    Note: When creating a new survey, a unique name must be provided.
  2. At Mode, select From Another Well.
    • Well: The source of the time-depth set.
    • T-D Set name: Copy this set of time-depth pairs.
    • Action:
      • Copy: Make an identical copy (MD-TWT).
      • Convert via TVD: Match interval velocities by converting to TVD before copying (TVD-TWT).
  3. Click OK.

There are two modes of operation (Action):


  • Time-depth pairs are copied from one well to the other without changes.
  • I.e. If the originals are in (MD, TWT), the same (MD, TWT) values are used. For deviated wells, this will result in different interval velocities.

Convert via TVD

  • Time-depth pairs from the original well are first converted to TVD, then copied to the new well.
  • I.e. If the originals are in (MD, TWT), the resulting time-depth pairs will be different. For deviated wells, this will preserve interval velocities.