Well Settings and Display

Use the well details panel to make changes that affect the well display in all views.

Summary information is shown when hovering the cursor over the well item in the tree.

  • Click the double-arrow icon to show or hide each settings panel.

Well information

Select a well to show its information in the details panel.

  • Surface Location: The location of the well in X/Y and latitude/longitude.
  • Selection Name: Shows the well name and/or UWI when selecting for display (in cases of duplicate well names).
  • Display Name: Choose which well property to use in views: Well name, Number, UWI, Custom Display Name or All.
  • Projection distance (m): The maximum distance from a view for the well to be displayed.

Settings for multiple wells

Update multiple wells by selecting more than one at a time, then changing the settings. Curve selection is different when more than one well is selected.

Tip: Use Shift + click or Ctrl + click to select multiple items.

Section display settings

These display options apply to views when the Use Well’s Settings option is enabled.

  1. Curve chooser: Choose which log curve is shown in views (see Selecting Well Curves).
  2. Class selection: Automatically show a curve matching this class.
    • Select the curve class to find from the dropdown box.
    • Click the colour box to open the class settings.
  3. Name filter: Enter text to find a matching curve.
  4. Track width: The width of the curve track displayed along the well.
  5. Line: Show the log curve as a line / wiggle.
  6. Filled Track: Show the log curve as a filled track.


Annotations control the labels and other display features of a well in the section view. The annotations section may be collapsed. 

  1. Name: Display the well name, with font size and colour.
  2. Distance: Display the distance from the well to the view.
  3. Symbol: Display the well symbol, size and colour in 3D, section and well views.
  4. Path: Display the well path, with line thickness and colour.
  5. Intersections: Display intersections of the well path with the viewed section, with line thickness and colour.
  6. Markers: Display well markers, labels or both, with font size.
  7. Excursion: A multiplier for log curves drawn as lines. Large values will draw curves outside the track width.

Map settings

Map settings control labels and other display features of a well in the Map view. The Map Settings section may be collapsed.

  1. Well Info: Set the relative position of the well symbol, information and name labels.
    • Enable/disable the well information to be displayed on the Map view.
  2. Path: Display the well path, with line thickness and colour.
  3. Intersections: Display intersections, label and property, of the well path with the viewed section, line thickness and colour (see Adding data intersections in Map View for more details).
    • Annotation: Select extra annotation to be displayed in Map View from options: Map Slice/Marker/Horizon/Constant (MDKB/TWT.TVDSS)


  1. Open Marker Spreadsheet: Click to view markers in the Well Markers Table (see Opening Marker Classification Sheet).

Kingdom wells

Note: When importing wells from Kingdom, Insight requires you to manually assign a unit for the curve. The unit field will be left blank until you select a unit.

Kingdom wells