Basic Settings (2D SEG-Y)

Define the basic settings

Define the basic settings

In this step-by-step example, we will be loading SEG-Y files that contain 2D lines from a 2D survey, with vertical dimension in time. As such, the following settings apply:

  • Do you want to load 2D or 3D data? — Select 2D Lines (CMP).
  • Is your data in time or depth? Select Time.
    Note: You should select the actual vertical dimension of the data in the SEG-Y files as the SEG-Y Loader does not perform any time/depth conversion. Time/depth conversion however can be done in Insight (see Converting Time-Depth). If your actual data is in depth, then select Depth.
  • Are you loading gathers? Select No because you are loading single traces data. If data is gathers, you can select Yes - Offset, Yes - Angle, Yes - Frequency or Yes - Channel based on the gather dimension of the data.

Click Next once you have defined the basic settings.

Genuine offer of assistance

DUG understands that importing SEG-Y data can be a confusing task.

Whether you are using a trial version or a fully-paid licence, we will help you to import your data to Insight so that you will get the maximum out of your data.

For more information, contact support at [email protected].