What’s new in DUG Insight 5.1

DUG Insight 5.1

Welcome to the latest version of DUG-Insight! Below are some of the exciting new features which are now available. Why not give it a spin?

  Animation Tool

  • Build and easily update keyframes
  • Control frame rate
  • Export and add to any ppt presentations or reports

Velocity ASCII Loader

  • Import Velocity models in VELF, DISKOS or Column-based formats
  • Supports both 2D and 3D velocities


  • Plot Linear, Polynomial, Exponential or Power regressions
  • Calculate and display equation and R² value

Polygon Tools

  • Auto-generate polygons directly from horizons
  • Simplify auto-generated polygons
  • Expand/contract any polygon by a set distance

Display culture on horizon in 3D viewer

  • Set horizon as vertical location for any culture
  • Great for draping images directly on structural horizons

  Contours in 3D Viewer

  • Overlay contours generated in Map View directly on horizon in 3D Viewer!

Well Manager

  • Second stage of multi-stage development
  • Edit Well Components table


  • Supports columnar dataset for display in Map or IL/CL Views
  • Accepted in crossplots as data input

View Padding

  • Add horizontal or vertical padding to the end of the views