Well Manager Tool

Insight's Well Manager Tool provides tabled data of well information and components from a selected project to view, edit and export.

Running the Well Manager Tool

  1. Launch the Data Manager (see Launching the Data Manager).
  2. In the Data Manager window, click Well Manager Tool.

Note: The project selected in the DUG Insight Launcher will be the project used for the Well Manager Tool.

Well Manager Tool interface

  1. Search Options: Select the preferred values to search well(s). Click the Search Wells button to display results in the Well Info Summary table.
    • Click the blue (+) / red (x) button to add/remove search options.
  2. Display well components table: Click to display well components as a second table below the summary table. 
  3. Additional well identifiers: Select additional well identifiers to be displayed in the well component table.
  4. Additional well info: Click to select additional well info to be displayed in the Well Info Summary table.
  5. Well Info Summary table: Display the summary information of all the wells in the project.
  6. Display Units: Options to select the unit type used for the table.
  7. Well information column header: Click to sort the table according to that column (ascending/descending).
  8. Quick search / item filter: Enter the text values to filter according to that specific column.
  9. Number of wells selected in the table and total number of wells in the project.
  10. Export Table: Click to export information to a tab-separated value (TSV) file.
  11. Right mouse click on a well data to display the context menu.
  12. Undo/Redo button: Click to undo/redo any changes in the info summary table.
  13. Save Changes: Save changes made to the table.
  14. Well Components table: Shows the selected well components of the wells highlighted in the Well Summary Info table above.
  15. Select all box: Click the top left corner of the table to select all item.

Using the Well Info Summary table

  1. Select well(s) in Search Options.
    • Choose the Attribute, search condition and Values to search.
    • Click the blue (+) button to add search condition(s).
    • Selecting blank search value will display all wells.
  2. Click and select the additional well information to be shown in the table. These will be added as the last columns in the table.
    • Well Number
    • Custom Name
    • Folder
    • Notes
  1. Click the Display units drop-down box to change the measurement unit.
    • Project Units
    • International Metres
    • International Feet
  2. Click the column header to sort the table in ascending or descending order.
  3. Type in a search keyword to filter the table according to that keyword.
  1. Right click on a table cell to access the context menu.
    • Add [number of] wells above
    • Add [number of] wells below
    • Relinquish ownership of [number of] wells
    • Take ownership of [number of] wells
    • Take ownership of [number of] wells and all components
    • Delete [number of] wells from project
    • Copy or Paste
    • Labels
  2. Click on a cell to edit the content. Note: Only the well owner is allowed to make changes to the well data (see Taking Ownership of Wells).
  3. Click undo/redo to revert data of the latest change.
  4. Click Commit to save the changes in the table.
  5. Click Export Table to save the table as a tab-separated value (TSV) file.
    • If there are no wells highlighted, the Well Manager Tool will export the whole table.  
    • If there are one or more highlighted wells, export will only save the highlighted wells.

Using the Well Components table

  1. In the Well Info Summary table, click the row number to select the wells.
    • Hold CTRL key and click to select multiple different wells; or
    • Hold SHIFT key and click the start and the end row to select concurrent wells.
  2. In the Well Components section, click the Display well components table check box.
  3. Select the well components to be displayed.
  4. Only components of the selected well(s) will be displayed in the table.
  5. Click List unique markers set to list only unique sets for each well in the table.
  6. Select Additional well identifiers to be displayed in the well component table.
    • Well Name
    • UWI
    • Custom Name
  7. Click Export Table to save the table as a tab-separated value (TSV) file.

Using Labels

  1. Select the row(s) to add labels to from the Well Info Summary table.
  2. Right-click and from the context menu, select Labels
    • Create New...: Add a label to the selected row(s). Type the label name in the pop-up window. The label is shown at the last column of the row.
    • Add: Search and/or assign an existing label to the selected row(s).
    • Remove: Remove the label assigned to the selected row(s).
    • Show label table: Open the Well Label Properties window. The window will show labels created, number of wells with the labels, the label creator and when the labels were created.