Creating a Survey

  1. In the Control Panel, open the Survey tab.
  2. Click the blue "+" icon and select New Survey. The Survey Configuration window will be displayed.
  3. Type a Name for the new survey.
  4. The Units for the survey will automatically be set to the project units/CRS (see Configure a Project).
  5. There are two ways to define a new survey:
    • Origin & Bin Size Definition — Input the coordinates of an origin point in Inline, Crossline, X and Y. Then, define the Azimuth (IL direction), the direction in which the IL increases and the spacing of the IL/CL. The survey will be generated by projecting out from the origin in the direction and spacing specified. Note: Insight references azimuth values to North.
    • 3 Tie Points — Alternatively, you can also define 3 tie points in IL, CL, X and Y. The survey will be generated from the relationship between IL/CL and X/Y, and large enough to cover all three tie points. The 4th point is automatically calculated.
  6. Check for any warnings or errors, and QC the survey from the view panel on the right.
  7. Click OK to generate the survey. The new survey will appear in the Survey tab.

To configure a survey that was created using this method, simply double click on the survey in the Control Panel.