Stacked Fill Curves

The stacked fill display shows a set of log curves with each curve added, or stacked, above the previous one. The area between the curves is filled with a selected colour and/or pattern and lines are drawn at at each curve.

Common uses of stacked fills include:

  • Stacked display of Spectral Gamma Ray (Uranium, Thorium, and Potassium) logs
  • Combining separate indicator logs (mineralogy flags from petrophysics)

Read more about Curve Tracks.

Creating Stacked Fills

  1. In an existing track, right-click and choose Add stacked fill.
  2. A stacked fill curve is added to the track.
  3. The curves in the track are hidden and are included in the stacked fill.
    • Note: Enable the curves to include their unstacked values in the track.

The stacked fill is generated from other curves in the track. To include additional curves in the stacked fill, they must be added to the track first.

Configuring a Stacked Fill

  1. The curves included in the fill are listed.
  2. Click the blue (+) icon to add a row.
  3. Click the red (x) icon to remove a row.
  4. In each row:
    • Reorder curves by clicking and dragging the handle on the left.
    • Select a curve to include in the stacking.
    • Pick a suitable fill colour and/or pattern.
  5. In the Display panel
    • Adjust line colour and width to control the line drawn between the filled sections.

Normalising Results

When normalise is not checked

  • Successive curves are displayed in order
  • Values are not modified or scaled
  • In the selector, choose Define Range to use a custom range
    • Enter minimum and maximum values, or
    • Check Auto to automatically find the minimum and maximum
  • In the selector, choose Class Settings to use a range from a class
    • Select the class to use
  • See Curve Display Settings for more details

When normalise is checked

  • Each curve is displayed as a fraction of the total.
    • The values for all curves are added.
    • Each curve value becomes (raw value / total)
  • The range is automatically set (0 to 1)
  • Right click on a curve and select Add empty crossover fill.