Using the 2D Gather View

This view displays gather data along the 2D line/CMP. This view option is only available if you have loaded a 2D gather volume.

Multiple 2D Gather Views can be opened to display and compare the gather at different locations, or even to display different gather volumes (see Opening Multiple Views).

  1. From the View menu in the Control Panel, select 2D Gather View.
  2. At the navigation bar, select whether to work in the time (TWT) or depth (TVDSS) domain.
  3. Select the Gather Volume and the Line to view, and type the CMP and step.
  4. The 2D Gather View allows for multiple gather displays. You can choose the number of gathers to be displayed at Show
    • Spaced — Define the space between each gather to be displayed (i.e. a spacing of 10 would display gathers at every 10 CMP).
    • Width — Set the panel width in pixels. A zero value (0) will autofit.

Note: Spaced and Width text fields are not visible when displaying a single gather panel.