Tracks Overview

A well template includes one or more tracks. Tracks display vertical axes, well curves, well markers and even regions of data from a volume.

Some aspects of tracks can be adjusted directly by clicking or dragging them. Detailed control is available through the Tracks Tab by selecting the appropriate entry.

Tracks can be repositioned by clicking and dragging the track header. Alternatively, drag and drop the track in the tree to adjust its position.

The width of each track is adjustable. Use the mouse to drag the boundary between tracks in the track window to adjust the width. For tracks contained inside seismic tracks, adjust the width setting for the track in the tree.

Adding Tracks

Tracks in single well view
  1. Tracks can be added to this Well Correlation View by clicking the "+" icon. The three types of tracks are:
    • Axis track - Axis tracks display time, depth or measured depth along the well. Multiple axis tracks can be included in the view.
    • Curve track - Curve tracks display well curves and extracted curves from volumes. A curve track can display one or more curves, or even left empty when displaying marker and horizon annotations. Read about adding Curve Tracks.
    • Seismic track - Seismic tracks display regions of volume data along the wellbore or near the well location. Any volume (not just seismic) can be selected for the display.  
    • Gather track - Display gathers along the well bore or near the well.
  2. To show/hide track(s), click the traffic light icons (yellow to disable and green to enable) located at the top of the tracks list or next to each track.
  3. The width of each track is also adjustable - just use the mouse to drag separation line of any track in the track window to adjust the width.

Duplicating Tracks

There are two ways to copy a track:

  1. In the displayed view, right-click the track title and select the Duplicate track option.
  2. In the configuration tree, hold CTRL and drag the track to a new position in the tree.

Track Actions

Track header options

The well track header contains well information such as:

  1. Title for the axis, curves, values and seismic tracks;
  2. Class colourbar and min-max range for curves;

Right-click the track to display the context menu. Available actions are:

  1. Remove, hide or duplicate a track
    • Duplicate Track
    • Hide Curve/Track
    • Delete Curve/Track
  2. Adjust the displayed window:
    • Zoom all: Zoom to the project extent
    • Zoom to range: Zoom to a specific domain range
    • Zoom to 'well curve': Zoom to the available data for a curve
    • Set vertical scale: Set a specific vertical scale (per 1 cm track)
  3. Undo and redo is available depending on the context.