Curve Tracks

Curve tracks display well curves and extracted curves from volumes. A curve track can display one or more curves, or be left empty to display marker and horizon annotations.

A distinct curve type exists to highlight cross-over between two curves. Read more about using Crossover Fill Curves.

Adding Curve Tracks

Add curves
  1. In the Track panel, click the blue "+" icon and select Add Curve Track.
    • A new curve track is created in the tree and is shown in the view.
  2. Select or click the curve track to show details and change settings.
  3. Under Appearance
    • Set the curve track title (for the track header)
    • Adjust the track width
    • Set a track background colour
  4. Under Axis Settings
    • Show grid lines: Toggle grid lines on/off
    • On top: Draw grid lines on top of curves
    • Value axis: How to set the horizontal value range
      • All curves share value axis; or
      • Curves have independent value axes
    • Use value axis from: Choose the curve to use for the range (if shared)
    • Grid lines: Set the number of grid lines to show
  5. Under Markers
    • Choose the marker and horizon information to display

Tip: You can change the Appearance, Axis Settings and/or Markers for multiple tracks at once by selecting several tracks first, then updating the options.

Adding Curves to Tracks

There are several ways to add curves to tracks:

For well curves:

  • In the Curves tab, drag a curve into the track.
  • In the Curves tab, right-click the curve  and select Add to track. Click the track where this curve will be added to.
  • In the Tracks tab, right-click track  and select Add well curve.

Add Curves using Drag-n-Drop

drag and drop
  1. Select a curve from the Well Curves tab.
  2. Drag-and-drop the curve into the tracks window.
    • Dropping the curve into an empty space creates a new track.
    • Dropping the curve onto an existing track adds the curve to the track.

Note: Curves are displayed in the order they are listed in the track panel. Drag curves up/down in the Curve Track to change the displayed order.

Add Curves using the Curves Tab

  1. Click the Well Curves tab.
  2. To include more than one curve to the track, press CTRL+left click and pick the relevant curves to be included to the track.
    • Note: The name of the first curve selected will be used as the default title for the track.
  3. Press right-click and select Add to track and pick an existing track or a New track.

Add curves from track

Well curve
  1. To add well curves, right click Curves: [curve track name] and select Add well curve…
  2. Select the type of curve from the Class drop-down menu.
Multiple curves per track
  1. Curve class can be modified by clicking on the colour bar as well as the Mnemonic and Title.

Note: Dragging a track up/down in the Tracks tab also re-arranges the vertical track on the right.

Displaying curves extracted from volumes

To display the values from a volume, extracted along the well path:

  1. Right click Curves: [curve track name] and select Add curve extracted from volume
  1. Select the new Extracted curve to show the settings.
  2. At Volume, select the data to extract from and set the title
  3. Update the display settings in the Value axis and Line/Fill settings (see Curve Display Settings)