Using the Well Connection Track

The Well Connection Track shows the shortest-distance line between two wells and is a powerful method for understanding a well’s setting.

The Connections Track is available in the Well Correlation View. It is displayed when two or more wells are included in the view.


  1. Distance scaling:  
    • Disabled: The connection track width is same between all wells.
      • Use value 0 sets track width to fit evenly in the view.
    • Enabled: The connection track width is proportional to the distance between the wells.
  1. Track Width: (with scaling enabled)
    • The track width is proportional to the well-to-well distance.
    • Minimum: The size in pixels between the closest pair of wells.
    • Maximum: The size in pixels between the widest spaced wells.
  2. Annotate header: Include well-to-well distance and direction in the connection track header.
  3. Background: The connection track background colour.


  1. Show marker lines: Include well marker lines across the tracks.

Show in Section

The connection track can be filled with both lithology information (from well markers), and data from a specified volume.

The lithology display is generated using connections between corresponding markers in each well (see Working with Well Markers and Tops). Connections are straight lines and may not follow structure.

The displayed volume is extracted along the shortest-distance, straight line between the top-hole location of the two neighbouring wells. The track will also include horizons and faults if they are in the session.

  1. Lithology:
    a.    Enabled: Show the coloured lithology specified by the well markers.
    b.    Opacity: Adjust the transparency of the well lithology display.
    c.    Note: The lithology is always displayed above the volume (when enabled).
  1. Volume:
    a.    Enabled: Show the volume along the line connecting the left well to the right well.
    b.    Volume: Select the volume to show in the track.
    c.    Scale bar: Include a scale-bar annotation.
    d.    Volume colourbar: Include a colour-bar annotation.