Displaying Scanned Seismic (on sections)

Vintage seismic data is sometimes provided as images and scanned sections. Seismic images can be displayed in IL/CL, arbline and 2D section views.

Note: See this page for information on loading culture and other images in the map view.

Import image to a 2D line

Import image to a 2D line
  1. Open Control Panel > View > 2D Line View and choose a line on which to load the image file. Image will only be visible on this line.
  2. Right-click inside display area and choose Import culture...
  3. Select the image file  to load.
  4. The Image Properties window will be displayed.

Configuring the image

Define image properties

In image properties window, set tie points to correctly place the image in the view.

  1. Adjust the tie points of the image on the view by dragging the handles to the desired TWT and CMP locations on the 2D line.
  2. Type the values directly in the Pixel X, Pixel Y, CMP and TWT (ms) columns
  3. Use Opacity slider to adjust the image transparency.
  4. Press ESC or close the window when the settings are correct.

Tip: Notice that in the Image Properties window, the 2D line where the image is located is displayed.

Managing images and making changes

Adjust image

These images are stored in the Culture tab in Control Panel.

  1. To rename the culture, right-click and select Configure.
  2. To adjust the culture:
    • In the section view, right-click on the image and click Adjust "image_name".
      • Move the image by dragging; or
      • Scale and skew the image by dragging the handles at the corners.
    • In the Culture tab, click on the pencil icon.
      • Type the values of the three tie points directly in the Image Properties window or in the Details Panel.
  3. To complete the editing:
    • Click the top right “X” or,
    • press Esc key,
    • Right click on the View and select Stop Adjusting "image_name".

Removing Images

To remove an image:

  • In the section View, right-click the image and choose Delete "image_name"; or
  • In the Control Panel > Culture tab, right click the image and choose Delete "image_name" from project.


Use scanned seismic sections to continue interpreting a horizon. Because the seismic is an image, the horizon picker should be set to straight-line (unguided) mode. See here for details.

The interpretation will be visible in other views along with the rest of the interpretation.