Volumes and Horizons (Map View)

Selecting volume to display

Select a volume to display

In the bar at the top of the Map View, select the volume you want to display from the drop-down box at the right.

Enabling and selecting time/depth slice

Enable and select the time/depth slice
  1. Toggle the "traffic light" icon green to enable display of the time/depth slice.
  2. Select TWT or TVDSS domain to view.
    • On-the-fly conversion between the time and depth slice is only available if you have access to a depth/velocity model for the region (see Converting Time-Depth).
  3. Select or type the time/depth value.

Tip: The performance of displaying a time/depth slice is greatly improved by having an optimised volume (see Optimising Volumes for Performance).

Selecting horizon and property

Select a horizon and property
  1. At Horizon, select a horizon to display.
    • This selection is empty if there is no horizon. To create a horizon, see Creating a Horizon.
  2. Select the horizon property by clicking on the drop-down box at Property.
  3. The gather horizon dimension and extent is displayed if a gather horizon exists. To create a gather horizon, see Create Gather Horizon from Non-Gather Horizon.

Where is my time/depth slice/horizon?

Note that when displaying both a time/depth slice and a horizon, Insight will draw them with an accurate time/depth relationship. This means that if the slice is deeper than the horizon (or vice versa) then it will not be visible unless the object on top is semi-transparent (see Opacity).

  • To display only the time/depth slice, leave the horizon box empty.
  • To display only the horizon, toggle the "traffic light" icon to amber.

If your horizon and volume are in different domains (i.e. time vs depth), it is not possible to display both unless the time/depth conversion is configured (see Converting Time-Depth).