Custom Annotations (Section Views)

Custom annotations such as text box, line, rectangle, oval, and callout can be created in section views such as IL/CL, Arbline View, and 2D Line View. 

Add simple text and drawings to the map view in your session.

  1. In a section view, right-click on any part of the view, and select Draw
  2. Click the annotation icon to use.
    • Select : Use to select text, drawing and shapes on the map.
    • Pan : Click and hold on the map to pan the view.
    • Text : Create a text box on the map. Text boxes can contain any multi-line text, in a selected font and style.
    • Line : Create multi-point lines on the map. Multi-point lines can be added similarly to Arblines.
    • Rectangle : Create a rectangle shape on the map.
    • Oval : Create an oval shape on the map.
    • Callout : Create an callout on the map.

  1. A new annotation will be created under a folder in the Annotation tree. Both the folder and the new annotation can be renamed by double-clicking the items in the tree.
  2. For detailed information on each annotation type, refer to Custom Map Annotations.