Coordinate Reference System Overview

In its simplest form, a coordinate reference system (CRS) is used to establish a relationship between Cartesian and Geodetic coordinates.

The CRS of a project is defined when you create a new project (see Creating a Project). There, you can select from a long list of pre-defined CRS in the Standard CRS Table. At any time during your project, you can change the CRS of the project (see Configure a Project).

Note: The system will prompt you to configure the CRS when you launch a project without specifying the project CRS. A valid project must have its CRS defined or at least the X/Y units specified.


Note: The supported coordinate formats for Lat/Long are:

  • Decimal degrees : DDD.ddddd e.g. 112.12312E
  • Degree-Minute-Seconds : e.g. 1121234.56E

Creating custom CRS

A custom CRS can also be created (with the correct format) and used in Insight. For more information on the acceptable syntax and format of the custom CRS file, see Defining a custom coordinate reference system (CRS).