Structural Curvature for Horizons

Insight can calculate the structural curvature for a horizon (using horizon properties), or volumetric curvature based upon a dip field (using a Curvature process).

Read more about Insight's concept on curvatures at Structural Curvature (Fundamentals).

Curvature extracted on a horizon

Curvature on map view
  1. Open Map View via Control Panel >> View >> New Map View.
  2. Select the volume and horizon in Map View (see Horizons to create/add/import horizons).
  3. Click on Property.
  4. Select the appropriate curvature attributes for the horizon:
    • Max Curvature: Calculate the highest magnitude curvature for each surface point.
    • Min Curvature: Calculate the curvature perpendicular to the max curvature.
    • Most Negative Curvature: Show the most negative curvature value for each point.
    • Most Positive Curvature: Show the most positive curvature value for each point.
    • Dip Curvature: Calculate the curvature in the direction of maximum dip.
    • Strike Curvature: Show the curvature perpendicular to the direction of maximum dip.
    • Shape Curvature: the shape described by the curvature in the range [-1, +1], where:
      • +1 describes a dome
      • +0.5 describes a ridge
      • 0 describes a flat plane or a saddle
      • -0.5 describes a channel
      • -1 describes a bowl
  5. Once extracted, use the "save horizon as property" option to save the curvature attribute (right click on horizon with curvature attribute displayed>>select save horizon as custom property)