Creating an Arbline

Insight allows users to draw arblines in Map View to check the volume information.

Arblines can be drawn anywhere on a 3D volume and along 2D lines (see 2D Arbline Picking).

Arblines can be created quickly from the Map View, or from the Arbline tab in the Control Panel.

Create a new arbline

Create a new arbline
  1. In the Control Panel, open the Arbline tab.
  2. At the tab header, click the Add icon and click New arbline.
  3. Type a name for the new arbline at Name.
  4. Click OK. A new arbline will be added to the Arbline tree.
  5. Select the pencil icon to begin picking the arbline (see Pick arbline points below).

Alternatively, an arbline can be created directly from the Map View.

  1. In the Control Panel, go to the View menu and open the Map View.
  2. Right click anywhere on the map and select Create new arbline.
  3. A new arbline will be created in the Arbline tree. (By default, the name of the arbline will be "New Arbline". Rename the arbline by double-clicking on the arbline, or right click and select Configure 'New Arbline'.)
  4. Picking mode will automatically be enabled to allow users to pick instantly on the Map View. Click anywhere on the map to define the arbline (see Pick arbline points below).
  5. Double click in the Map View or press Esc to end picking.

Select arbline colour and thickness

Select arbline colour and thickness
  1. In the Details Panel, click the colour box to select a colour for the arbline at Line. Click on the double arrow button at the bottom to choose a wider range of colours and adjust the opacity of the line (see Adjusting Opacity of Item).
  2. Type, or use the up/down arrows, to edit the arbline thickness in the adjacent box.

Pick arbline points

Pick arbline points
  1. In the Arbline tab, at the arbline item row, click the Pick arbline pencil icon to start tracing the arbline in the Map View.
    Alternatively, you can right click in the Map View and select Create new arbline to begin tracing a new arbline.
  2. Left click to place points. If you have made any mistake, right-click on a point to delete it. You can also move a point you have already picked by dragging the point around the map.
  3. New points can be added by left-clicking the last point of the arbline that has already been defined. You can add, edit and delete points after the arbline has been created while in the editing mode (see Editing an Arbline and Moving an Arbline).
  4. Right click anywhere to end a segment while picking.
  5. Once you have finished picking, click the Pick arbline pencil icon at the arbline item row to exit the editing mode. Alternatively, double-click or press Esc to exit picking mode. The list of X/Y coordinates you have picked will appear in the Points section.

Note: If the arbline is disabled, clicking on the pencil icon will automatically enable the arbline and put it in picking mode. If you disable an arbline while picking, the arbline will remain visible but faded to allow you to continue picking, and it will be hidden after you finish picking.

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