Sending Logs (Help)

If you would like to report a problem about Insight, you can do so via the Help menu. This will also give you the option of sending your data logs to us.

If Insight is not responding and you are unable to access the Help menu, logs can also be sent from the DUG Insight Launcher (see Viewing and Sending Diagnostic Logs).

Note: For a fatal error, see Help, Insight just crashed! What should I do now?

Send Logs

Send Logs
  1. In the Control Panel, open the Help menu.
  2. Select Send Logs to DUG. This will open the Problem Reporter window.
  1. Select Tell DUG about this problem check box to send this problem report to us.
    • Select the Send information about my session check box to send us the logs for the session you are running.
    • Select the Allow DUG to contact me about this problem check box and enter your email address in the box if you would like to be contacted. We will respond to your report as soon as we are able.
    • Insert any other relevant information in the box. Any additional comments or details would greatly help hasten the solving of your problem.
  2. Click OK to send the problem report.

For more information about diagnostic logs, see Viewing and Sending Diagnostics Logs.