What’s new in DUG Insight 4.9

DUG Insight 4.9

Welcome to the latest version of DUG-Insight! Below are some of the exciting new features which are now available. Why not give it a spin?

Surface groups

  • Display multiple horizons in the Map View
  • Perform amplitude extractions on multiple horizons and display at same time


  • Build complex structures for display in 3D viewer or Map View


  • Merge adjacent seismic traces to reduce noise and boost AVO anomalies in the seismic signal.

Culture in 3D Viewer

 Comparison Slider

  • Overlay and compare two seismic volumes
  • Use in conjunction with selection groups to easily organise large lists of seismic volumes

Bulk Assign Fault Sticks

  • Select and assign multiple fault sticks in Map View at once