Taking Screen Captures

Insight has a built-in tool for taking screenshots of different Views.

Capture an image of a window using the camera icon in the top left corner.

Quick Tips:

  • Click the Camera icon to capture the view and save the result to a file.
  • CTRL-Click the Camera icon to capture the view and save it to the clipboard.
  • While results are calculated in a window, the camera is replaced with a spinning “busy” icon.
  • Most views support screen captures, but there are some exceptions.

Using the capture tool

Screen capture dialog
  1. Click the camera button to start a screen capture.
    a. The first time you capture a window, instructions are shown.
    b.     Click the Don’t show again button to hide this message in the future.
    c.     Click OK to keep the reminder.

Capturing a view

Select area to capture
  1. Move the mouse over an area to capture.
    • The capture area is highlighted, and the non-capture area is dimmed.
  2. To expand the screen capture area:
    • Press the Spacebar, or
    • Right-click the mouse.
    • Each press will expand the area by an additional step.
  3. Left-click or press Enter to capture the area.

Setting the scale

Screen capture scale

After selecting the area to capture, the scale window is shown. Increase the scale value to capture the area at higher resolution.

  1. Adjust the scale value using the buttons or manually enter a value.
    • The pixel dimension of the resulting image are shown.
  2. Select either Export to PNG or Export to SVG, or both. PNG is supported by almost all third party software, and is interchangeable with other common formats such as JPEG and GIF.
  3. Click OK to capture the image.

Note: High resolution captures (scaling) are not available for the 3D view.

Resolutions for Printing

An output resolution of 200 DPI is suitable in most situations. Sometimes 300 DPI is required for high-resolution printers.

Use the following approximate sizes for 200 DPI (in pixels):

  • A0 : 10,000 x 7,000 px
  • A1 : 7,000 x 5,000 px
  • A2 : 5,000 x  3,500 px
  • A3 : 3,500 x 2400 px
  • A4 : 2,400 x 1700 px
  • Letter : 2,200 x 1700 px

For 300 DPI, increase the pixel sizes by 50%.

The captured image will maintain the relative size of text and annotations. Update the settings for the view (map view settings or section view settings) and then use the capture tool.

Note: High resolution captures (scaling) are not available for the 3D view.

Saving a screen capture to file

Save dialog

After setting the scale, the area is captured and the save file dialog is shown.

  1. Select the location.
    • By default, the “rep” (report) folder of the current project is selected (see Directory Structure).
  2. Type a file name and click Save.

Saving a screen capture to clipboard

If the CTRL key is pressed while clicking the camera button, the captured image is saved to the clipboard, instead of to a file.

The captured image can be pasted into other programs by:

  • [menu] Edit / Paste
  • (windows keyboard) CTRL+V
  • (macOS keyboard) ⌘+V