Settings for Section Views

View settings provide control over the display and behaviour of a view. They include wells, annotations, intersections, scale and linked-window controls.

To open the View Settings window, right-click in any section view and select Display settings.

Display settings

Multiview linking

The Display tab contains scale and other settings affecting the view.

  1. When a new view is opened in Insight, it is assigned a colour. This colour is used to highlight the location of this view in other windows.
    • The window icon matches the view colour
    • Click the colour box to change the colour

Scale settings

Scale settings
  1. Horizontal Scale: set the ratio for the horizontal axes (IL and CL, or CMP). The values use the preferred display unit (see  View > Preferences).
  2. Enable Lock inline and crossline scale to scale and zoom the IL/CL axes together.
  3. Click the lock icon to lock the zoom scale. When locked, zooming or changing scale for the view is disabled.
  4. Z Scale: set the ratio for the vertical axis (time or depth).
  5. Click the lock icon to lock the vertical zoom scale. When locked, zooming or changing scale for the view is disabled.


Annotations are decorations drawn over a view. These include scale bars, colour bars and markers for intersecting views and lines.

  1. Panel: Display and set the annotation's panel placement on the section view.
  2. Scale Bar : Display a scale bar. Select the position to place the scale bar in the view. The scale bar will use the preferred Display Unit as defined in Control Panel > Tool > Preferences.
  3. Colour Bars: See Configuring Colour Bar Annotations for more details.
  4. Views and Intersections:
    • Navigation Markers: Display the red navigation lines (markers) showing the location of related views.
    • Intersecting lines : Display the locations of intersecting 2D, 3D and arblines.
    • Intersecting line labels :  Display and configure labels for the line intersections.

In some views, right-clicking the intersecting lines displays additional actions:

  • Open new views for 2D lines by right clicking and selecting "New 2D view for...".
  • In a 2D view, switch to an intersecting line by right clicking and selecting "Switch to...".

Note: To show shotpoint instead of CMP, see Displaying Shotpoint Data for 2D Lines.

Link different views

The links tab controls the linking behaviour between views. See Linking Multiple Views.