Defining Map View Display Settings

Additional display settings are available for the Map View.

Multiview linking

To open the settings window:

  1. In the Map View, right-click in the main panel and select Display Settings....
  2. Click OK to save the settings and exit the window.

Display options

Multiview linking

In the Display tab:

  1. Select a unique Colour to identify the volume selected.
    • This also controls the colour of the navigation markers when this view intersects other views.
  2. Type the horizontal Scale ratio for the X and Y axes.
    • Measurements use the units selected in Preferences.
    • Click the lock icon to disable scale changing via interactive zooming (right click, mouse-wheel, etc.)

Map Annotations

Display scalebar and volume colourbar

In the Annotations tab:

Enable the check box and position for the desired annotation.

  • Scale Bar:  displays a scale bar in the current display unit (see Preferences).
  • Volume Colourbar: display the colourbar for the currently displayed volume. Select the position to place the colourbar in the view.
    • Show first only : when displaying grouped volumes, enable this option to show the colourbar from the first volume in the group.
  • Horizon Colourbar: display the colourbar for the currently displayed horizon. See Horizon Display and Amplitude Extraction for details.

Linking Multiple Views

In the Links tab:

  1. Select the check boxes to link the volume, domain, and position with other views.