Using the Well Correlation View

The Well Correlation View displays one or more wells for comparison and stratigraphic interpretation. The view uses templates to build and customise the display of well log data.

Display Tab

The Display tab controls which wells to include, manages templates, and adjusts settings for the entire view.

Display tab

Well Selection Settings

Display tab
  1. Show all visible wells - Display all the active wells.
show visible wells near
  1. Show visible wells near arbline Display all the active wells near a selected arbline (see Arblines).
    • Reverse well order - Flip the order of wells (reverse line order)
show selected wells
  1. Show Selected Wells - Display the wells in the list.
    • Click the blue "+" button to add wells
    • Click the red "x" button to remove a well
    • Well Selection:
      • Choose a well from the list, OR
      • Type text to filter the list, OR
      • Use SHIFT + scroll-wheel to quickly browse wells.

Template Settings

Templates can be shared between Well Correlation View and Single Well View. The configuration is the same.

Display tab

See Working with Templates for more information.

Stratigraphic Flattening

Enable this option to align all displayed wells to a common well marker.

Flatten to well top
  1. In the navigation bar, enable the Flatten to top check box.
  2. Select a marker in the adjacent drop-down box.
  3. The wells are shifted to have the marker at the same window location.

Editing Markers

Markers can be edited interactively in the Well Correlation view.

Flatten to well top

Enable this option to make changes to markers directly in the view. See Editing Markers (Well Correlation View for more information.

Tracks Tab

See the Tracks Overview page for more info.

Connection Track

The Connection Track is a special entry in the Tracks Tab. It defines settings for displaying the area between wells.

See the Using the Well Connection Track page for details.

Well Curves Tab

The Well Curves tab lists all curves available in the included wells.

  1. Class selection: Choose the class of the curves to show.
  2. (Optional) Name filter: Enter a name pattern to find. Only curves with names matching the pattern are displayed (see Selecting Well Curves).
  3. Curves: Displays all curves matching the class and name filter from wells in the view. Curves are organised by class and name.
  4. Details panel: Displays which curves are selected from each well using the selection.